What am I selling you????

When I look through magazines, social media and the internet I see other  personal trainers promoting certain diet methods, training plans or del-boyproducts/supplements.

People buy into the dream that this one thing is the answer to all their problems.

For some it may be, but for a large percentage it will either work short term or not at all (sound familiar?)

Nutritionally it may be zero carb, IIFYM, high fat, only eating virgin organic low sugar tomatoes.

Training wise it may be HIIT, circuits, GVT, 5/3/1, push/pull/legs or only doing HIIT for 20 mins otherwise every muscle in your body disintegrates (hi Mark wright!!)

The list of pointless fitness products are endless. Waist trainers, detox drinks, creams, pills and other rubbish sold to the gullible.

(you know what does a great job, better than all of these?? WATER!!!! Just bloody drink it.)


I’m still not sure to be honest.

Training plans are different from client to client, but will always be mainly resistance based with some cardio depending on the goals and person.

A large percentage of my clients are either new to resistance training or have little experience of doing it properly, therefore the majority start out with full body sessions concentrating on compound lifts.

Depending on how often I see them, they will have plans to do alone. We will have gone through these to ensure we are both confident they can implement those sessions on their own away from my guidance.

We will then concentrate on the more technical stuff with myself.

Nutritionally, as I mainly deal with fat loss all I ask for is a calorie deficit (weight loss), adequate protein intake and plenty of water (there it is again!)

Help, guidelines and support are given to ensure all this happens and makes sense, but I don’t stick my nose too far into things anymore as long as we are getting those basics right AND getting results.

I don’t have a massive ego that demands you must eat certain foods at certain times, because that’s what I put in the email to every single client.

The diet has to suit you, your eating habits and lifestyle.

If you have 1 KFC and lose 3 pound, that is the sign of a GOOD balanced diet not a bad one. If you have 7 KFC and put on 2 pound, then I need to step in and do a bit more educating.

So I think that’s what I’m selling!! Not very sexy is it!?!?!?!?

One thing I do know is, that it works bloody well with a lot of people AND I have a clear conscience when I go to bed, knowing I have been honest to myself and the people I try to help.

Add on to that, the fact that I give a shit about your results and I’m quite witty (sometimes) and you have a pretty good investment I reckon!!

*** Anyone want a watch?? ***


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