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  • Since starting with Scott I’ve lost almost a stone and I’ve lost inches which I’m so happy with. 

    The best thing so far has to be my change in mindset about going to the gym, I no longer dread going and it’s not a horrible chore I just have to get over and done with.

    As an online client I was able to work week to week putting in the hours that suit me.

    Knowing there was support there for me whenever I was having a bit of a wobble was great as it stopped me giving in and knowing Scott was checking in with me a couple of times each week just to see how I was getting on was great.

    I would 100% recommend working with Scott, his zero bullshit approach to everything is exactly what normal people with a busy lifestyle need. 

    Jodie Online Client
  • I have never used a personal trainer or done any other program before, just followed people on social media, but the fact is in reality 90% of that is false.

    Scott put all that rubbish to bed, giving me great workouts, where you are not smashing cardio after cardio (like I was), allowing me to fit all the work outs around my working life.

    I was working abroad and the flexibility of the workouts and support from Scott being able to do it in some really poor hotel gyms and get the results is amazing

    Working with Scott has not only given me amazing results, but set me up for the future, knowing what and how to continue your progress with your fitness and nutrition.

    If you’re working with Scott be prepared for great things, he will give you EVERYTHING!

    Daniel Online Client
  • Before starting with Scott I was lacking consistency, accountability and spent too much time faffing around ‘starting Monday’ every god dam Monday...

    Decided to join his online HG6, got results and wanted to keep going and challenge myself outside my comfort zone.

    People genuinely are gobsmacked at how much I’ve shrunk in size!

    This period with Scott has really improved my relationship with food - it’s absolutely ok to eat the foods you enjoy without guilt.

    It’s refreshing to see in the industry. Everything is very understandable and basic. Nothing complicated! 

    I’d 100% work with Scott again. I fully trust him with getting results.

    Invest your money into you and your health.

    Shardel Online Client
  • Before starting with Scott, I was just overweight and really wanted to tone up.

    Alone, I was mainly doing cardio sessions. Spinning, circuit classes, and many training programs but nothing with nutrition until I started HG6 in July

    Since starting the transformation I have lost 9.5kg, but following what I've learnt since meeting scott about 22kg.

    I've also got stronger, I’m lifting more and can even do pullups now!

    Since working with Scott my confidence has grown, alongside my nutritional knowledge and I now have more of an idea what to put in my own training plans

    Employing Scott is definitely worth it. 

    I’ve loved both the courses i've done, learnt loads and now believe that i can keep the weight off and still enjoy nights out, thank you!

    Lee Online Client
  • Before starting with Scott I had a lack of nutrition and training knowledge - I was training like a traditional bodybuilder. One muscle group per week with bad form and eating the wrong amount of calories.

    This was despite working with another PT previously, who gave me no advice on nutrition - In fact he told me I didn’t have time to live my life that way!

    After working with Scott I am now in the best shape I have ever been in and physically fitter too.

    Learning about the importance of calories has been vital, alongside Scott’s advice on form during certain exercises. He’s straight talking and to the point and he understands the importance of life balance

    I would massively recommend working with Scott

    Andy Online Client
  • Before starting this I found myself eating too much of the wrong things - I have always exercised and eaten well at meal times but I was starting to eat treats on a daily basis and was falling into bad habits.

    I was in pretty good shape before but felt I could achieve more and didn’t know how.

    Whilst working with Scott I’ve lost significant body fat and currently weigh the lightest since I can remember. 

    I think education has been key and learning to trust the process. Throughout working with Scott I have benefitted from finding new low calorie options and flexible ways of eating to make a diet phase bearable.

    If you want a magic formula or a quick fix then this is not the way to go, the transformation process is tough, I’ve been hungry, tired and grumpy but the support has been great and the results 100% worth it.

    I have had a great experience , I feel really empowered that the changes I’ve made are sustainable and I have control of my body and how it looks!

    Sarah Online Client

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My main goal for you as a client, is to help you reach your goal as easily as possible

Over the years I have helped people lose over 4 stone in unwanted body fat, giving them their lives back and seeing their confidence go through the roof

I have also given clients the knowledge and support to FINALLY achieve the six pack abs that they couldn’t get alone

All this and anything in between whilst still eating the foods they enjoy in a guilt free, flexible fashion

My clients are educated on how to get results whilst still having a life:

Social occasions
Drinks and meals out with friends
Downtime with family

None of this has to be cut out completely and I would love to show you how!


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