Try my “4 meal diet”

No, I’ve not gone mad.calories

I’m not even trying to sell anything.

All I will do today is make your life VERY easy and help you lose some body fat.

It may not be for you, but I’m sure some people reading this, or someone you know will benefit from it.

Now summer has completely vanished, the nights are dark and the weather is cold. It’s a good time to start cooking some big batches of warm hearty food.

These can be cooked on a Sunday and taken to work each day for your lunch or have them each evening for dinner.

So what are these four meals?





That’s 4 different meals, over 4 weeks that can be adapted to suit what you like and your goals.

A big pot of meat/fish and veg. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, some stock and a variety of herbs and spices and you have created any of those four dishes.

All you have to do then is add a portion of carbs depending on the dish and your calorie intake (pasta, rice, lentils, beans, potato etc)

Easy isn’t it!!!

One months worth of food with very little ingredients and about an hour of your time.

Give it a try and see you in a month!!

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You will leave this talk knowing EXACTLY how to set up your fat loss diet

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