Post diet maintenance – JESS

1. What were your worries once the transformation was over?
My worries were that I’d go completely off the bandwagon!
But in reality, a few blow out days plus a week’s all inclusive holiday seemed to lead me to putting on a few pounds but had then magically disappeared within 2 weeks 

2.What was your goal post transformation?
My goal was to maintain the weight I finished on or possibly gain a bit of weight but with muscle rather than fat.

3. How did you go about doing this?
Kept Scott for 1 session a week to structure my workouts and be accountable to someone.

4. Has it worked?
It’s worked although I haven’t been as religious in getting all the workouts done each week. But I have maintained my end weight

5. What was your motivation post shoot?
My before and after pics – to not put the weight back on!

6. What have you struggled with the most?
I’ve struggled with not having ‘an excuse’ to turn food or drinks down sometimes!
It was so easy to say oh I can’t before and people would understand…!

7. What good habits have you learnt and kept up?
Good habits – alcohol at weekends only, don’t have 3 courses for the sake of it (or even 2!), try to stop eating when full, eat low cal snacks first to fill up
walking on my lunch hour at work and keeping my activity levels high even if I don’t make it to the gym.

8. How do you manage and track progress now that the 12 weeks is over?
I weigh and check in with Scott on a Friday. I’ll use MFP to give myself a kick up the bum if I feel like I’ve overdone it at the weekend 

9.  How is your training and diet different now compared to the transformation?
Training is more relaxed and the diet is too. But I am still making healthy and low cal choices throughout the week to account for the weekend. There are just a few more biscuits thrown in here and there!


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