Post diet maintenance – PAUL

1. What were your worries once the transformation had ended


My main worry was that I’d go back to eating anything and everything and put a lot of weight back on.


2. What was your goal post transformation?


To keep the weight off that I’d lost, continue to workout regularly at the gym, and do more cardio.


3. How did you go about doing this?


I continued tracking my calorie intake and carried on working out in the gym 4 times a week, with added cardio sessions.


4. Has it worked?


Yes! I intentionally upped my calorie intake (not by much) as I wanted to work on building muscle, and to cope with the added cardio.


I’ve sustained a weight and shape I’m extremely happy with.


5. What was your motivation post shoot?


To look as good on holiday as I did on the day of the photoshoot!


6. What have you struggled with the most?


For me it was going back to doing my own workouts in the gym.


After having PT sessions for 12 weeks i initially felt a bit lost in the gym for a week or 2 after the course was over.


However, having the workout sheets from the transformation has helped loads.


I still use them. A very useful tool to have.


7. What good habits have you learnt and kept up?


To monitor what I’m eating.


The transformation opened my eyes as to how many calories I was actually consuming through the day.


I literally had no idea I was eating so much, pre transformation.


The knowledge I learned during the course will be with me forever.


8. How do you manage and track your progress now that you are no longer doing the 12 weeks?


I still use My Fitness Pal every day to track my calorie intake.


Plus I weigh myself once a week.


Plus a little flex in the mirror every now and again never harmed anyone 😄


9. How does your training and diet different now compared to when you were on the transformation programme?


My training in the gym is more or less the same – 2 upper body workouts and 2 lower body workouts a week.


My diet has only changed somewhat (a controlled increase in calories) to help with building muscle and to cope with extra cardio sessions.


10. Any other advice for people in the same position?


Take pictures and use your results as motivation to carry on the positive changes you have made.

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