Post diet maintenance – JAMES

1. What were your worries once the transformation had ended

That I would just slip into old habits as I didn’t have a support network or a goal in sight. No photoshoot so no accountability!

2. What was your goal post transformation?

It is now to put on muscle. It made me realise I didn’t have much muscle and just how much fat I was carrying.

3. How did you go about doing this?

I am working with Scott again, much to his delight.

4. Has it worked?

I am going to the gym regularly again and working on lifts so time will tell!

My weight has not changed much since the shoot and we are currently increasing calories based on the weekly feedback from the scales.

5. What was your motivation post shoot?

Motivation was not to get so fat again. It’s hard work to take off so much in one go.

6. What have you struggled with the most?

At first, I struggled with not being so strict. I would slip into binges food wise, and although I realise it’s fine I’d feel so guilty and I don’t know why.

Like anything, you get used to something when you do it for so long and put so much effort in to, so when it finishes you feel at a bit of a loss.

Though the others went through the same and Scott was on hand to lend support.

You step on the scale later on and realise you were being overdramatic.

7. What good habits have you learnt and kept up?

If I have a bad day I don’t collapse like a pack of cards and think ‘everythings a failure’.

You don’t have to be perfect.

If I binge I just eat less the next day and get back on it.

I’ve learnt you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym and do everything perfectly – get in the gym for an hour around 3-4 times a week, eat fairly sensibly and you’ll make progress.

I used to get annoyed I wasn’t doing everything perfectly and that was just not sustainable or a good mind-set.

8. How do you manage and track your progress now that you are no longer doing the 12 weeks?

I still weigh myself and track my food – but not as strict.

It’s a good barometer of progress and I like to know what’s in my food.

Also some people think the scales are evil and even Joe Wicks calls it the sad step which I think is bollocks.

While it’s not the be all and end all and weight can fluctuate due to various factors (and Scott has always been clear on this) it’s an important way of tracking progress (or lack of!)

9. How is your training and diet different now compared to when you were on the transformation programme?

I get to eat more now I’m trying to build muscle but I’m still used to eating in a calorie deficit. It sometimes feels strange to pile on the pasta!

Before I started the plan I would probably eat around 2-3k calories a day without a thought or knowing how much I was eating.

So I’m more mindful of what I eat and portion size.

The 12 week transformation has helped me get in to the habit of going to the gym and pushing me to my limit (in a good way!)

10. Any other advice for people in the same position

Take it one day at a time.

Skip breakfast or delay it where possible.

Get your gf/bf on board with the eating and educate them (where possible!)

Go to gym classes – even if you can’t be bothered, having an instructor shout at you will push you rather than ambling about on a treadmill.

Do little things – take the stairs at work, walk places, walk during your lunch break.

On weekends – do an early class or session, then have a big ‘fry up’ early afternoon.

Makes you feel like you’re having a treat and you’ll still be in a deficit and again, you’re ‘skipping’ breakfast. (breakfast is the biggest scam ever!)

Have a good moan in the group – it’ll make you feel better :)))

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