When did you notice “the change”??

I like to think I have got some very good results with a wide variety of clients over the years.fat-loss

Convincing the client they are doing well at times, is a completely different thing though.

Some are happy seeing the scales come down by 1 pound in the first week. This may not seem like much, but after years of thinking even that was impossible can mean the world to them and to buy in to the plan.

Some may see the scale come down by 2 stone and still see the same person in the mirror from a few months ago. Everything may be pointing to great progress but they are stuck in the past.

Put a tape measure around these clients and show them their starting waist/hip measurement and they soon realise they can now fit an extra person between them and the tape! The same can be said for old jeans etc.

Now for some people even that means nothing. This is where another method comes into play, pictures!

Yes I understand someone overweight and lacking confidence may not like having pictures taken and these are only done with clients upon their agreement. Any pictures that go on social media are also agreed between the two of us.

There is nothing better than putting two pictures together of the “old you” vs the “new you”.

Seeing in front of you the change in body shape, the size difference, the change in facial shape, the big smile on your face!!

Sometimes it’s not until that point that clients actually see what everyone else is seeing.

Me telling them they are doing well may not mean anything. I could just be blowing smoke up their arse to get more money!

Family and friends telling them they are looking amazing. They love you, they are meant to say that.

But seeing it through your own eyes can be the big one.

I am not saying throw away the scales, because they are a good marker (first thing in the morning after a “toilet” visit)

BUT use other methods as well.

Get a tape measure, strip down to your undies (clean) and get taking some selfies!!

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