You do NOT need a Personal Trainer!!!

Do you have a few stone to lose?pt

Do you want to “tone up” a little bit?

Do you want to eat a bit healthier?

Do you want to feel a bit better?

Well, all of the above can be achieved on your own without spending a penny on expert advice.


Well, carry on reading.

This was going to be a typical “20 ways to shed body fat” post, but the truth is I have no idea how many tips I will be giving out so lets just go straight into it!!

  1. Track your calorie intake somehow (food diary, Calorie app, pictures). Anyway you can have visual feedback on what you are consuming over a 3-7 day period
  2. Track your progress (scales, tape measure, pictures, body fat)
  3. Track your exercise and activity levels (hours in the gym, step counters, household activities)
  4. Adjust weekly depending on the results (lower calorie intake, add a days training, walk more etc)
  5. Drink more water (2-4 litres per day depending on sex, size, activity levels)
  6. Consume a large portion of protein in each main meal (promotes muscle retention + growth, keeps you full, promotes healthy skin, hair and nails)
  7. Consume 1 protein based snack per day
  8. Have a variety of vegetables/fibre in each main meal
  9. Eat a minimum of 1 piece of fruit per day
  10. Lift, push and pull heavy things under correct form
  11. Try and lift heavier things over time
  12. Do cardio you ENJOY!
  13. Cardio does not have to be “cardio”. Walk the dog, walk to work, go for a bike ride, or do a sport you like. It does not need to be on a treadmill
  14. Do not force yourself to do things you hate. It will not last
  15. Do not eat foods you hate, or completely cut out foods you enjoy. IT WILL NOT LAST
  16. Get yourself mentally right before starting
  17. Show some bloody willpower. You are an adult.
  18. Surround yourself with good people who will support you.
  19. Find people with the same goals and history as you.
  20. Avoid people trying to sell you something.
  21. Do not take fat loss advice off someone overweight.
  22. Insulin only makes you fat if you eat too much and exercise too little.
  23. Calories count, but you do not have to count calories.
  24. Be honest with yourself. You can lie to everyone else why things are not working, but if you are believing it yourself then we have problems.
  25. Find low calorie ways to fight cravings (diet drinks, sugar free jelly, sugar free sauces etc)
  26. Do it for yourself, NOT anyone else.
  27. Show some willpower (yes I know I have already said that).
  28. IMPLEMENT WHAT YOU HAVE READ!!!! You already know the above. Eat less junk, eat more vegetables, drink lots of water and exercise more.

Sorry if you was wanting a secret I use with my clients, but there isn’t one. You simply have to take a bit of responsibility for your actions and do what it takes to change your body and overall mind set.

You only need me, if you need help implementing the above and that’s what I’m good at.

If you do, then you will know. I’m here for you

I reckon that’s it for now.

“28 ways to lose body fat” – Quite catchy isn’t it!!!

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