What you can learn from people “in shape”

When you are new to a gym or uncomfortable with how you look, you may look at others in the gym and think that some of the srhomephysiques you see are unattainable or even wonder why they are there (they look great what’s the point!)

But there are some consistent traits that these people have, that you may be able to learn from and help you on your journey.

I will list these out. Yes they are a generalisation but you will hopefully get the idea of it.

  1. They have been doing it YEARS, not weeks.

Many have sporting backgrounds and/or have been in gyms from being a teenager (I’m no cover model, but I have been in gyms since I was 16 and even remember lifting weights in the back garden with Dad when I was 14)

2. They enjoy it!

Not always, not every session, but they enjoy the process of getting in (and out) of shape and finding new ways to push their bodies.

The gym is not punishment, it should be a release.

The gym is not there for you to “earn” certain foods, it should just be a normal, fun part of your life

3. They don’t miss many sessions.

You know them days when you are tired or miserable and think “f*&k it” I’ll just go home? Well everyone has them, but more often than not the workouts still get done.

A few weeks may be missed for holidays or other things, but it’s only a few weeks not a few years.

4. They make more sacrifices

I have a rugby background, so eating big and drinking even bigger was part of the culture.

Most PTs I know also love their food AND a good drink. BUT most know when to take a step back from enjoying themselves and are happy to make a few sacrifices here and there when needed.

If your week is full of “Wine Wednesday” and “Champagne Thursday” then they may be the first things to get knocked on the head.

5. They are gifted

Some, not all are just very lucky, very good looking and only have to look at a gym entrance to look toned and ripped. (these are the ones you should hate!!)

6. Some are complete head cases!!!

An amazing healthy body does not equal a healthy mind. Some of those people (male and female) you see on stage and on the front covers of magazines have body and food issues you would never wish on anyone.

7. They are not you!!

We all have our own stories, history and reasons for being where we are now.

It doesn’t matter what others eat, or how they train.

You are what is important and what you put in place now to determine where you are in 1-5 years time

So what does all this come down to then?

As usual it’s not very sexy or interesting,

Be patient

Be consistent

Enjoy it

Educate yourself

Do what you enjoy

Have a great Monday!!!

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