2017 Transformation package – UP TO IT???


I am opening up 2 evening slots for a maximum of 2 people to train with me for 12 weeks, twice per week.

Start date – Tuesday 3rd January12weekpic

You have all seen the kinds of results I get my clients, even in as little time as 6 weeks with no face to face training.

This is an amazing opportunity to get even better results by training in person with me.

I’m sick of seeing similar packages that only get results by making the client miserable, banning a load of food groups and lying to them about insulin.

Or companies posting before/after pictures that you can’t tell the difference between or they need the aid of photoshop.

This kind of package is NOT for everyone. Many of my clients need a much longer term plan and small goals put in place.

BUT, if you feel this is just what you need then I am here and ready to transform you mentally and physically.

What do I expect from you??

Be available twice a week (Tuesday + Thursday at around 6 or 6.30pm TBC)

Be available to train at least another once or twice alone

Be willing to track calories accurately on My Fitness Pal (All this shall be set up for you alongside the necessary education)

A willingness to learn

A strong work ethic – This is 12 weeks of hard work, with the sole aim of huge visual changes in your physique.

What do you get from me??

Two face to face sessions per week

Progressive workout plans to follow away from sessions (designed around your starting point)

Progressive diet plans for the full 12 weeks

24hr email support for the full 12 weeks

Weekly weigh in, monthly measurements and progress pictures.

To register your interest and ask any questions please contact me at scott@scottrobertsfitness.co.uk

If I take two people on, you do not need to know each other BUT you do need to have similar goals and starting point for the sessions to work (having 2 people will also keep the cost down per person)

I will only choose who I feel this course is best suited to. This ranges from someone wanting to get photoshoot lean or someone else wanting to lose 3-4 stone.

I look forward to hearing from you, have a great day


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