What to do once “shredded”

So let’s imagine you have reached your goal and everything is great in the world.bicep-vein

This does not have to be stage lean, but whatever goal you set out to achieve.

What do you do next???

Well that depends on your next goal, so lets look at a few options


Maintaining where you now are requires you to do a few things,

  • Upping calories to your maintenance calories based on your new bodyweight.
  • Dropping activity levels. If you have been doing excessive cardio then it would require a reduction in this.
  • A little bit of both

Maybe you haven’t counted calories, so what do you do then?

  • Eat a bit more (increase portion sizes or add carbs back in to certain meals)
  • Keep your calories low and introduce back in more “treat” type foods or go out for dinner a bit more often (In other words, get your life back)

Weight gain

I have said this many times before, you do not have to be dieting all your life. It is ok to put weight on. If you want to build some muscle and a physique then putting weight on is a must.

Getting the body you dream of can take numerous cutting and weight gain stages over years and years.

Getting very lean before starting this phase can be very beneficial, due to certain hormonal advantages.

So what should you do?

  • Again, increase calories. Do  not go mental with this as it should be a gradual process like a diet phase. Walking around fat telling people you are “bulking” is not the best way forwards. You just end up with a tonne of weight to lose when you want to get lean again.
  • Again reduce cardio. Cardio can still be part of a weight gaining phase but too much can have a detrimental effect.

Any of the above is EXACTLY like a good diet.

  • Track your progress. Make sure you are steadily going the way you should be.
  • Stay consistent. If you just stop training and eat more, you end up at the start again or worse.


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