Operation: LBD – Halfway review


So we are 3 weeks into my first every female only 6 week online course, OPERATION: Little Black Dress lbd-logo1

I though I would just spend 5 minutes talking through what is happening and show you some of the amazing results we are achieving so far.

You may, or may not be aware that this is the female version of my Male “Six Week Shred” which is currently running for the third time and has 2 weeks left.

I was slightly reluctant to start the female version due to a number of reasons.

Taking males with a few years training experience and getting them lean is one of the easier jobs for a PT but the female group runs jess3wkslightly different.

There is no minimum training experience required in Operation: LBD as I provide 3 different workouts. At times, getting females large results in just 6 weeks can be a tougher task.

Thank fully I have been proved wrong, as some of the pictures are showing.

Everything I love about the 6 Week Shred has been replicated in this version.

Everyone is helping each other out in the private Facebook group (worth the money alone!!) and to see the effort being put in weekly is a joy to watch.

Getting a positive weekly check in from members makes it all worth while.tori3wk

I can’t wait to see where the next 3 weeks take us, and to also go again in the new year.

To register your interest for 2017 please email myself with the reference code (LBD2017)

So far we have one member half a stone down and another member having already lost 7cm from their waist!!


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