Operation LBD – Final review!!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!!”jess6

So, my female 6 week online fat loss course has sadly come to an end.

As with the male “6 Week Shred”, the results have been better than I could ever had imagined and the whole thing works really well.

The feedback has been amazing and I hope that not only are they all happy with the results, but have learnt a few things over this last 6 weeks.tori6

So what now??

We are currently repackaging all the information to make it BIGGER AND BETTER!!

The only major change we are making is to make it more accessible, so people can start the plan whenever they like. The priceless Facebook group will always be there, with people popping in and out depending on their start/finish point. This may make things even better, as the ones coming towards the end of their 6 weeks can advise the new members on what works and the mistakes they may have made early on.linda6

A final thank you to those that were part of this first 6 weeks.

As I mentioned in my halfway blog, I was a bit unsure about doing it but I couldn’t be happier with the results and how it has all come together.

Oh, I forgot to mention the price is coming down as well (I must be mad!!!)

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