Your secret to weight loss – Protein!

What are the rich protein foods you should be having?

Recently dieting has been focussing on calorie counting which, yes, is an effective weight loss plan but you don’t always end up prioritising protein which is something you need. Sometimes when you are calorie counting you come across protein that may seem more fattening or high in calories but these are still important!

The best protein sources are beans, dairy, fish and meat. These days we all need a quick grab and go meal or snack as we are constantly on the go but these foods can sometimes be worse with all the additives found in many of the foods we are eating. Having protein food does mean that sometimes you need to cook it but meal prep is a good thing to do when you have a busy lifestyle.

There is a lot of research out there about diets and proteins. Some research has found that food rich in protein can help prevent obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis. A good protein diet can also reduce blood pressure!

What is the protein power?

You burn more calories when eating protein as the higher they are, the more work they take to digest and metabolise.  The other fantastic thing about protein food is that it will take longer to leave your stomach therefore making you feel fuller for longer. This will save you snacking. A study that was published in the ‘Nutrition Metabolism’ showed that dieters that increased a protein intake to 30% of their diet ate about 450 calories less. These people lost around 11 pounds over the 12-week study. This was without doing any other dietary plans.

If you are burning calories as well as counting them then you most definitely need protein to make sure you lose fat and not your muscle. To gain lean muscle your body produces amino acids used from proteins that will make you stronger, more toned and will also burn more calories when you aren’t doing much.

Keep it up!

Having between 0.5 grams to 1.0 grams of protein per pound of your body weight is advised by experts. If you weigh around 140 pounds, then on average your intake should be around 70 – 140 grams per day.

Nuts, whole grains and vegetables etc do technically count as proteins but they don’t contain all the 9 amino acids that your body needs to build lean muscle. The best ‘low calorie choice’ complete proteins are found in skinless white chicken, turkey, seafood, low fat dairy etc. These foods have about 1-3 grams of fat per 50 calories serving which isn’t much really.

If you are vegetarian, then you will need to have something else. You could try peanut butter on a whole-wheat bread, brown rice, beans etc. The benefit of having protein is that there Is such a big variety out there, anyone can find something suitable for them.

So, what is protein on the go?

Try these quick fixes to keep you going instead of having fried food on the go.

Protein Powder – 4 ½ tablespoons = 16 grams. The Whey protein powder comes in 4 flavours which are nice!

HARD boiled eggs – 1 egg = 6grams. This is easy to prep in the morning! Make a few and then pick at them throughout the day.

Energy bars – 1 = 10-12 grams. Luna bars are really good and only contain 190 calories but they have 12 grams of protein! Another good one is Honey Stinger. Their protein bars have around 190 calories with 10 grams’ protein. Keep these handy in your bag.

Jerky – 1 oz. = 9.4 grams. These make a delicious flavoured snack! Try beef or turkey.


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