Let the gym be your sanctuary!!!

Don’t worry, this is not going to be some hippy “lifestyle guru” type blog, written by a 22 year old that still lives with his Mum.

Hopefully it may change your outlook on things.

How do you view the gym?

How do to mentally approach training?

Do you only exercise when you are “dieting”?

When clients first come to me and I imagine many of you reading this, often approach exercise with the wrong mind set.

At no point should the gym be punishment for the food choices you make. Yes, you may need to throw the odd extra session in here and there if you have specific goals, but the main reason you go should never be as punishment.

You should never hate setting foot in a gym. Yes, you may want to go home instead (we all do) or miss the odd session, but your exercise choice or training style should always be based on what you want to do.

You should never be scared to set foot in a gym. Nerves are understandable, especially the first few times. The first time I moved gyms on my own I was a nervous wreck, but you soon realise everyone is there for the same reason and nobody really cares anyway. To this day, that gym is the best I have ever set foot in!

Exercise is not just weight loss orientated. I’ve said it many times before, great things happen in the gym when you are not dieting.

You build muscle

You get stronger

You may even enjoy it more, without the added pressure of worrying about the scales etc.

We spend a huge part of our lives working, with many people in jobs you hate or have no real love for. Training should be something you mostly enjoy and gives you that 45-90 minutes to try to get away from it all, let off some steam and relax.

If you have specific goals, then yes you will have to train a certain way. If not, choose what you enjoy and can give you that “release”.

This will not only help you short term, but keep you coming back for more and helping you for life.

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