What do I do exactly??

Many of you know by now I am at the beginning of a second nutrition qualification, this time with Mac-Nutrition.

Alongside the lectures etc we have been given help on building a business alongside other skills.

One of the lectures last week got me thinking about what people like yourself reading this, think I actually do??

You may be on my mailing list.

Or follow me on social media.

But do you have any idea what me or my business involves??

Or how I can actually help you??

Maybe you think I just beast people for an hour, then repeat the next week??

Maybe you think I will tell you to avoid all carbs and eat nothing but lettuce??

Maybe you think I am a tool!! (sometimes)

Rather than try to sell you some of my services (you can look through my website for that), I will explain just what I can help you with and why.

My main love and interest is fat loss. Nutrition will always be the number 1 factor in achieving this, which is why I spend so long studying the ins and outs of it all.

I love the educational side of it all as well. Teaching clients new ways of reaching their goals, without a life a misery and over restriction. Making the journey as simple as possible rather than complicating things to make myself look good. The end result will do that for me.

I love the intricacies of working with different individuals and the issues they may have with either their diet or even just walking into the gym. Seeing a client walking around the gym smiling and confident makes me just as happy as seeing their body change. A few months back that same person may have been too scared to even join the gym.

I can take someone from 22 stone to 12 stone (it takes longer than a month by the way!)

Or, I can take someone from 12% body fat to 6%

Notice I’ve not even mentioned training sessions yet!?!?

That’s because a good trainer should be a lot more than just the sessions. If you just want a hard workout for an hour, that’s fine. You can get any clown to make you sweat for an hour, maybe I’m not the man for you.

Like the nutrition, the training should suit you, your goal and your start point.

If you are new, then there needs to be a process of learning some basic movements. NOT rushing from exercise to exercise just so you feel like you have worked out, or you feel guilty that you had a chocolate bar 5 minutes ago. Done correctly the sessions will be challenging, allow progression over time, but also allow for recovery. Yes, there is a time and a place for hammering someone but again that comes down to the individual.

One last thing I enjoy, is creating a little community. I have private Facebook groups (join a free one here) coming out of my ears at the moment, due to different things I have running, but they are great. There is nothing better than having somewhere for people to chat who have the same goals and problems as yourself. I’m enjoying the private mac-Nutrition one more than the lectures at the moment as the chat and support is more real world based than the more geeky side of things, which is obviously important.

So, I hope that clears a few things up and gives you a better idea of who I am and what I do.

Basically, I love food!!


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