Fighting the fat over Xmas!!!

So it’s nearly upon us.

A few weeks of madness full of food and booze.

If you are worried about gaining weight over the festive period here’s a few tips to keep you on track and heading into 2017 on a positive note

1. Make a plan – Believe it or not you don’t have to go off the rails for 2-3 weeks just because it is Xmas. You will have a rough idea of where you will be and when so plan accordingly. You don’t want to be boring and take a tupperware box full of chicken to a party so decide which occasions are your social occasions and enjoy them. (works do, Xmas day, Boxing Day and NY Eve) Four days there in a possible 2+ week period to enjoy yourself

2. Don’t go mad!! – So you know there will be a buffet at the works do or you have a big massive dinner planned so again plan for it. Leading up to things keep your meals smaller and lower calorie. Maybe even just have some snacks. Stick to lean meats/fish and veg to keep the body ticking over with good nutrients but leaving some room for what lies ahead!

Keep every other day as normal and stick to your routine as much as possible

3. Chocolates!! – Mine and many others weakness. Boxes of the stuff all over the place. If you don’t trust yourself then be very honest with people and ask them not to give you any. Another option is to keep the wrapping on and give them straight to someone else! (For any clients reading this I will happily take chocolates/sweets off your hands)

4. Keep active – You may not be able to hit the gym as often but make it count when you are in there. There is often a lot of dead time sat around, so there is always a spare hour or two to do your own thing. Use this time to try something different and change things up. If you can only make it 1-3 times in a week go for full body sessions hitting the main compound movements to get the most out of it. Interval training is also a great way of boosting the metabolism ahead of 5 plates of roast potatoes!

Get out of the house and go for a walk as well. As long as the weather is not too bad an hour in the fresh air is never a bad thing. Might stop you throttling a family member as well

5. Booze! – Again think low calorie. So something like vodka and soda with a splash of lime. Gin and Tonic if you want to look posh!

That’s about it really, it’s just about keeping your eye on the ball and not going off the rails completely. At the same time don’t be a boring b£”&ard and carry a dry chicken breast with a stick of broccoli around with you. Enjoy time with friends and family when necessary and then do the same with your training and food.

Hope this helps and enjoy!!!

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