The dangers of eating out

Let’s get this out of the way first.

I’m not writing this to ruin everyone’s Xmas and I love a meal out as much as anyone else.

BUT, hopefully this may highlight a few things and make you aware of where you may possibly be going wrong when eating out.

Below I will just bring up a few things you need to be careful of next time you are in a restaurant.

  • Hidden calories – Especially in sauces etc. A chefs main goal is to get as much flavour into a meal as possible. This can come from fats in the form of oils, butter etc which is very high in calories (9 cals per gram), or sugars. That tomato sauce can be very different to the tin of chopped tomatoes you use at home if there is lots of olive oil added to it and a table spoon of sugar!!

Ordering sweet potato fries because you think they are the healthier option does not work if they are deep fried!!!!

  • Portion sizes – Compare the chicken breast you eat at home to the one you get in a restaurant, or a steak. Compare the amount of potatoes you get compared to what you may serve yourself. You may feel you are eating like for like but you could be eating 50-100% of the calories just from a larger serving size, without the things we mentioned above.
  • Protein still matters!!! You go out and order a massive steak, telling yourself “It’s fine, it’s all protein!!” Again, this goes back to the previous point. If you normally eat an average chicken breast that may be under 200 calories and then replace that with a big steak, you can be easily hitting the 800 calorie mark in meat alone depending on which cut you choose.
  • Free food – Little nibbles at the bar. Bread. Sharing starters. Before you know it, you have had a load of calories before your meal has even arrived. In a social environment you don’t even realise you have done it.


If fat loss is your goal whilst still enjoying regular social occasions then you need to be aware of all of the above points. If these occasions are few and far between then put the diet to one side for a week and enjoy yourself.


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