Are classes failing you??

Classes are obviously very popular in gyms across the country.

  • Safety in numbers.
  • A social aspect.
  • No planning needed as you can just rock up and do as you’re told.

For all the reasons above, I set up my 28 Day Fat Loss Camp when I moved to Exchange Quay.

Despite people doing class after class, week in week out, many still don’t change body shape.


It simply comes down to their nutrition.

  • Lack of protein
  • Not creating a deficit
  • No structure
  • No accountability

This is why on my Fat Loss Camp you get all of the above.

  • Fat loss nutrition guides
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly weigh ins
  • Monthly measurements and pictures

Camps run 3 times per week for 4 weeks, with morning and evening camps available.

Starts Monday January 30th

If you want more from your training, but keeping all of the things you enjoy, then please contact me at


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