Do you make the right lunch choices??

Food prep is a big thing in the fitness world and is kind of expected when you are dieting.

But what if you don’t want to, or you simply don’t have the time??

These days it couldn’t be easier whether you spend all day on the road, or work in the City centre.

Let’s look at the basic meal structure I have mentioned in other posts.

  • 1 large portion of protein
  • Plenty of veg
  • Small portion of carbs/fats (goal and meal dependant)

I’m pretty sure anyone with an ounce of willpower can make some good choices based on that structure, wherever you are.

SANDWICHES – Demonised due to the nonsense you hear about bread. A well packed sandwich with a lean meat/fish source on brown bread can cover all bases, with a bit of fibre coming from the brown bread also.

SALADS – Pre-packed or a salad bar are available in most places now. Again, add a lean protein source and you have a low calorie, high nutrient dense meal. For some fats or carbs, you can add a small portion of cous cous, feta cheese, avocado etc.

Ready meals – Even these have improved recently, with “high protein” options available in the supermarkets. Are they perfect? No, but they will provide you with what you need as long as you take overall calories into consideration.

In an ideal world we would all make a weeks worth of meals in advance and our days will go exactly to plan.

We know this doesn’t always happen though.

  • Keep that basic meal structure in your mind whenever you chose a meal.
  • Think about overall calories
  • Don’t buy a bag of cookies as a reward for choosing a salad!!
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