Do you have the willpower to see it through??

If I was to sit you down for 15 minutes and make some quick points on weight loss, I reckon ALL of you could come up with a pretty decent strategy.

It may lack in the technicalities, but I think we could all agree on …..

Eat less junk

Move more

Eat more healthy foods

Drink less alcohol

Follow those four guidelines for a while and almost anyone can lose a few pounds or even more.

So why do people struggle losing weight then??

A massive factor is an individuals willpower.

  • The WILLPOWER to get started (often the hardest part)
  • The WILLPOWER to go out once a month rather than once a week.
  • The WILLPOWER to eat your own food at work, rather than the weekly pizza day and cakes at break.
  • The WILLPOWER to make changes when things slow down.
  • The WILLPOWER to carry on when things are going well (It’s amazing how many people sabotage their own good work, just because a few weeks have gone past)
  • The WILLPOWER to put yourself first for a while.
  • The WILLPOWER to ask for help.
  • The WILLPOWER to say NO.

You can educate yourself as much as you like.

Unless you deal with any of the above situations in the right manner when they occur, you are destined to be taking one step forwards and two back on your journey.

Find your willpower!!!

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