My 6 month promise!!

Many people still have no idea what to expect from personal training.

  • Getting shouted at for an hour
  • Told to eat nothing but broccoli
  • No fun allowed
  • Just an hours session with no plans to do away from that hour
  • Do you get nutrition advice or not?
  • Can you contact the person out of hours?

People seem surprised when I explain exactly how much they get from me, and it’s the reason I charge a monthly fee rather than just by the hour.

You get EVERYTHING you need to succeed for that whole month period, in and away from the gym. It’s the only way people can get results.

How many trainers living off hourly cash payments do you see getting any results? Zero!

If you don’t want results, and you just want to sweat for an hour then find someone else.

So what is my 6 month promise??

It’s the length of time I can guarantee that you will be completely self sufficient in the gym after guidance with myself.

This is obviously very specific to each individual, with many even getting to that point much earlier.

But if you listen and ask as many questions as possible, you will be able to do the following…

  • Structure your own workouts
  • Structure your diet to suit your goals
  • Adapt both of the above, as and when needed
  • Have all basic lifestyle habits in place
  • Have the confidence to train alone (and be one of the few people doing it correctly!)

How good does all that sound for a short term investment?

An investment that can carry you through for the rest of your life!

So that is my promise.

Once that time frame is up I would also like to think that the service you get is that good you might not want to leave!!

That is mainly dependant on my crap jokes.

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