Lose 1 pound per week for 1 year!!

Slow progress can be make or break in a diet.

You start to get down and wonder why you are even bothering.

Even when some clients make HUGE changes they can’t see it themselves, so imagine if the progress genuinely is slow.

But let’s look at it another way.

What if you was losing 1 pound per week?

What if you did that EVERY week of the year – 52lb. That’s a massive 3 and a half stone!!

Now lets say you have 1 week a month where you relax and don’t lose anything. You would still be over 2 and a half stone lighter than you was at the start of the year.

Imagine how different you would feel!

Imagine how different clothes would look and feel on you!

Imagine the difference in the mirror!

Can you lose a lot more in a shorter space of time? Of course you can, but don’t be disheartened by slow and steady.

The end goal is always more important than how you got there

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