Why I LOVE lifting!!!

Some light relief on a Friday

Don’t get me wrong I can hate training and I rarely “SMASH” a workout.


I turn 35 in a few months, which means I will have been lifting weights for 20 years (yes I know I don’t look like it!)

Back in the day of having a real job, something must have dragged me there, either before or after.

Something made me throw in extra sessions if I was away for a weekend.

Why do I train when on holiday? (maybe not as much now)

The bottom line is I f*&^%$ng LOVE IT!!!

I LOVE lifting something heavier than you haven’t lifted before.

I LOVE finding new gyms.

You know that big pump you get, that probably doesn’t actually achieve much? Yeah, I LOVE that!!

Standing in a changing room or bathroom and finding that little bit of lighting that makes you look like you actually lift? LOVE IT!

Putting a t shirt on with tight arms, that gives you a little bicep vein… LOVE IT!

Walking to the beach on your first day of a holiday. Taking your shirt off to reveal half an ab that disappears after 3 beers and a fry up.   LOVE IT!

As you can probably work out, I train mainly for vanity!!

I don’t really care.

It will be the reason I am probably lifting or exercising late into life.

At times I can’t touch my toes or rub fake tan into my bum cheeks but it’s the one thing that keeps me coming back for more.

What can you learn from my blabbering rubbish??

Do what you enjoy.

Try and get better at it.

Do it for reasons that mean something to you.

Do it until you can’t do it no more!

Ps. If you are reading this as a horny 15 yr old, STRETCH MORE!!!!

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