Which cardio is best for fat loss?

So after my social media video on cardio, I just wanted to go into a bit more depth on what I feel is the best cardio for fat loss.

It can be split simply into 2 forms

LISS – Low intensity steady state (Your “traditional” cardio  that’s at quite an easy pace for 10-60+ mins)

HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training (Short, sharp bursts of all out effort for roughly up to 20 secs, followed by a longer rest period)

People can argue for hours over which is best.

Talking about energy systems and fuel utilization, but I’m not going to bore you with that as it doesn’t really matter.

HIIT is great for when you are short on time, as you will obviously be burning more calories in that short time frame. It’s also a good option to add to the end of a weights session for that exact same reason.

Something you have to consider with HIIT is recovery. True HIIT can require the same sort of recovery as a full resistance session. If building a physique and lifting weights is a main goal then you don’t want your extra HIIT sessions to be effecting your performance in the gym.

LISS is obviously done at a much lesser intensity, therefore can be really good as a recovery tool.

Takes very little thought and can be done anywhere. You can also incorporate it into every day life to increase NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis). This can be done in the form of riding a bike to work, walking the dog or taking the stairs etc.

One thing I will add, that people seem to forget, is that lifting weights burns calories also!

It is not just there to make muscles bulge out of your neck!

If you only train a few times a week then an added HIIT day can be very beneficial, but I could also argue that adding an extra weights day would be even more beneficial.

Got a few minutes spare at the end of a session? Great, do 5-10 mins of HIIT to finish off.

If like me you love a walk, then get outside in the fresh air on days off and keep activity levels high.

Or jump on a cardio machine you enjoy with some music or a podcast and switch off for an hour.

Like anything “it depends”, and comes down to what YOU enjoy and how it can fit around your other training.

Hope that helps and have a great day

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