Let me rip you off!!!

Imagine the next few weeks of my emails/blogs on fat loss?

I start telling you why you are NOT losing weight.

Your hormones are out causing you to store fat.

Your body is full of toxins and it’s preventing fat loss.

You are NOT eating enough. (don’t get me started!)

Cardio is making you fat. (getting angry just writing this nonsense)

You read all this and start nodding your head.

“yeah, that sounds about right!”

“I hardly eat anything and I do feel tired a lot during the day, it must be one or a few of those reasons!”

I then start promoting a special diet that magically solves these problems. (all other diets are rubbish)

I promote special supplements that magically deal with the issues you think you now have.

The cost of all this?

Who cares! Pick a number, then double it. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years, look at all my results.

All very catchy isn’t it?

Make the customer believe their weight gain is down to special issues and only I have the secret answer.

You know all that stuff that really matter..

Calorie intake.

Exercise and activity levels.

Eating habits.

Meal structure.

Relationships with food.

Fuck all that, there’s no money to be made in it.

I see it all the time and YOU see it as consumers.

They prey on the weak, the desperate and the gullible.

The lines between right and wrong get blurred.

You can argue miseducation, but often con men is a better word.

I pride myself on the honesty I give to both my clients and the message I put out on public forums.

It may not be eye catching and sellable, but I can sleep at night knowing I am doing right.

Those that do employ or follow me are better off for it and over time know they are getting top quality information.

Don’t believe everything you see.

Take this from someone who has fallen for many things,

“If it seems too good to be true, it often is”

ps. I once bought natural testosterone boosters that you squirted under your tongue as it “absorbed quicker” into the system. This cost me £55. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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