I was a s£@t PT!!

“How can we expect our clients to invest in us, if we wont invest in ourselves”

Many that follow me will already know that I spend a lot of time on my personal development as a coach.

We can never know too much and we owe it to our clients to be the best we can be.

Since the turn of the year I have had a few circumstances come up with clients that made me realise how my development has helped me, where years ago I may have panicked or not been able to help them at all.

No generalised “one size fits all” advice, but client specific advice that deals with them as an individual.

When I was newly qualified and clueless I had all fat loss clients doing circuits.

I soon realised most of these clients struggles walking, never mind doing 8 exercises back to back!!

The nutrition welcome pack I gave out was based on a well known, successful PTs booklet. Looking back it had some solid advice in there, but it was very generic and contained some whoppers!!

Some of my best results came in those early years, and although some of the information I was giving out was wrong, it all came from the heart and the vital client support I gave out is something I still uphold to this day.

So what’s happened this year??

A few clients have struggled!

Slow progress, despite doing everything I asked of them.

Now back in the day I would have panicked, looked into things too deeply and gone searching for weird and wonderful answers.

Thankfully with what I now know, I was able to take a step back and look at things with a clearer eye.

With a few adjustments and the trust of the client, BANG the results started to come.

I also picked up a client with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).

Now again this is something I may have worried about in my early years. (you want to know all the answers and do what you can for that person).

Again, it was a case of sitting back and concentrating on the basics.

It’s a very slow process, but again with the clients trust we are well on track now and a system in place that is getting results.

I suppose this is also what separates a good coach from an average one.

Anyone can get a few clients into shape, but a good coach can deal with tricky situations and knows what to adapt when things are not working.

I must give a little shout out to the guys at Mac-Nutrition Uni, who have given me that confidence to help more or less anyone now (within reason) and taken my coaching to the next level.

Think that’s enough of me saying how great I am for now!!


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