12 week transformation – week 6 review

If you follow me on social media, you will have seen that we are at the halfway stage on my trial 12 week group transformation.

For the first 6 weeks, the team have been following my 6 Week Shred

As you can see from the pictures, everyone is doing amazing.

Rather than a long post blowing smoke up my own arse, I want to go through some of the hurdles the team has come across and methods we have used over the 6 week period.

Between them they have had….

Weekends away

2 week holiday

Operations in hospital




St Patricks Day (try getting the Irish to not drink on this day!)

Quite a list right!!

Some can be planned for, some can’t.

With all this we adapt and plan accordingly, the best we can.

One member is using a meal prep company and we have had to make changes to this to bring the calorie content of the meals down as we had a period of maintaining weight. Remember what I’ve posted before about healthy food not guaranteeing fat loss!?

One member who is at a very lean stage is now on 2 refeeds a week. This is to avoid energy crashes and the risk of binges. These DO NOT boost the metabolism but they do help keep activity levels and mood high during times of low calories and fatigue. This person in particular is now on very low calories and it’s a case on monitoring things on a near daily basis. Luckily they train at the gym I work at so we can have a face to face check in when needed.

We now move away from my 6 Week Shred Plan (2x upper/lower strength, 2x upper lower hypertrophy) and they will now be following my adaptation of Layne Nortons PHAT system, which again works strength and hypertrophy over the course of the week and also allows us to hit each body part twice a week.

D1 – lower strength/posterior chain

D2 – Upper strength


D3 – chest and back hypertrophy

D4 – Legs hypertrophy/ Quads

D5 – Shoulders and arms hypertrophy


Nutritionally, all but one are counting their calories using My Fitness Pal. As it is an online course, it allows me to monitor and adapt their calorie intake. Most importantly it allows them freedom within those calories to eat the foods they enjoy.

I do not ban ANY foods, but at this sort of stage food volume is key to keep hunger at bay and energy levels as high as possible, whilst staying in a calorie deficit. I am  not going to sit here and pretend they are living off ice cream and crème eggs.

I’m still seeing transformations with people only allowed carbs on one day of the week, stupidly high levels of protein, a supplement list longer than my arm, or morning cardio from Day1.

Now if that’s how they want to run things to ensure results then great.

BUT, are they saying this is the only way to get results?

What food relationships is this resulting in?

What education are they taking away from it?

All in all, I’m so happy with where we are.

It’s not been perfect but everyone is now in a strong position to push on until the photoshoot in 6 weeks time.

I can’t wait to see the end results and I hope all involved are amazed with what they achieve.

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