I only had a few beers!

Come on, we’ve all said it!!

Then we stand on the scales and wonder why we haven’t lost weight.

It’s only a few beers, surely that wont hurt right?

Now let’s compare the calories to a chocolate bar (Toffee Crisp)

Luckily for me and this post, exactly the same calories.

Ask yourself this,

If you ate 5 Toffee Crisp in the week, would you expect to lose weight?

Many would say NO.

So why expect to have a few beers and get away with it??

So how can you get away with it?

  • Count your calories using My Fitness Pal and allow for what you want within those calories.
  • If you are not counting calories, you need to consciously reduce your calorie intake to allow it and/or up your energy output.
  • The other option is to not care and accept you may not lose weight that week


So I am not saying DON’T DRINK etc, BUT I am pointing out that you can’t expect to not adapt your normal routine and still lose weight when you add alcohol or other treats on top.

Sadly for all of us, the body doesn’t work like that.

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