Selfies and quotes are NOT “fitness”

Social media is possibly the best and worse thing about modern society.

At best it’s funny, emotional and heart warming.

At worst it’s nasty and false.

The gym and the fitness industry is NOT a world of selfies and motivational quotes. (In real life)

It’s NOT laying in bed posting meaningless quotes.

It’s NOT spending 30mins finding good lighting and the right pose.

It’s NOT posting a chicken salad then binging on chocolate + wine.

It’s NOT Photoshopping pictures.

It’s NOT whoring yourself out for likes.

It’s NOT lying to people.

It’s NOT conning people.

It’s NOT feeling guilty for enjoying yourself.

It’s a place to relieve yourself from the days stress.

A place to educate yourself

A place to better yourself week on week.

A place to strengthen your body and mind.

A place to make friends.

A place to make yourself healthier.

A place to build your confidence.

Too many people are concentrating on the things that don’t matter.

Creating a life and body that doesn’t exist in the real world.

Concentrate on what really matters and what you can change over the long term.

Most importantly, do it for YOU!!

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