Dieting is bloody hard!

Does even the thought of a diet get you depressed?

Dry chicken

Lettuce leaves

Sitting at home on a Saturday night whilst everyone else is living off vodka and pizza.

Sounds shit don’t it!?!?!?!

You could have the best planned diet in the world, eating all the foods you like but the very nature of calorie restriction can mess with peoples heads.

I could fit a whole Dominoes into my calories but I would then start sulking because I wasn’t allowed 2!!!

Even those people closest to you start sabotaging things by inviting you on nights out and bringing food into work. Some of the closest people to you want you to fail!!!!!

We all get tired and hungry, even when not dieting.

In this instance you grab whatever food you want and get on with your day, or you know there is a big meal around the corner.

When you are dieting you think of your next meal and realise it’s just not going to do the job you need it to do. Day by day, week by week it chips away at you until you crack. At this point you just put it down to experience and get back on the horse, or adjust how you structure the diet.

Don’t just think “f*&k it” and fall off the wagon completely.

This may be taking things to extremes but I wont lie and pretend that losing weight for a lot of people is a walk in the park and happens over night.

We all struggle, but those that succeed are mostly the ones who are educated the most, plan ahead leaving very little to chance and do what it takes consistently over a longer period of time.

Cover those three bases and you are on the right track.

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