The “Health Halo Effect”

“The phrase health halo (or health halo effect) denotes a phenomenon in which there is a halo effect on certain foods or brands, causing them to be perceived as healthy. The health halo often results in increased consumption of these products. The health halo has had increased media attention as increased “healthy” options are being marketed”

” I only eat “clean” foods”
“Everything I eat is healthy”
“Why have I not lost weight, all I’ve eaten all week is healthy”

Do these three quotes sound familiar to you?

I hear it constantly, whether that’s from clients or people speaking to me in the gym. (sometimes they seem to forget the wine and biscuits they eat, but that’s for another day)

Foods that have recently fallen into this “health halo” are..

– Coconut/olive oil
– Fruit
– Organic foods
– Nuts
– Gluten free foods

Yes, the above mentioned (ignore the gluten free bit) can all have positive effects to your health, BUT from a fat loss point of view they ALL still contain calories.

Your body does not ignore the calories coming in from these foods just because an American Doctor has decided they are amazing for your health.

Many of these foods are high fat, therefore making them very dangerous to consume in high amounts due to the calorie content of them.

Adding coconut oil to your coffee and all your meals, may very easily put you over your calorie intake.

Eating 5-6 pieces of fruit per day will very likely put you over your daily calorie intake.

Yes, your diet should mainly be made up of natural “wholefoods”, but they also need to be consumed in the right amounts and within a deficit for fat loss to occur.

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