Coaching NOT plans

I get asked weekly for a workout or nutritional plan to follow.

Or I will speak to a member of the gym, who is following a certain plan off the internet.

When I ask how it’s going, I normally get a shrug of the shoulders and an admission that they are not really following it fully, especially the diet side.

I’m not interested in writing a few exercises on a piece of paper, then never seeing that person again.

Or put a random meal plan together, where the person picks and chooses which meals to follow and then order a Dominos at the weekend.

I want to educate people who come to me, so they end up in a better and stronger position when the time comes to leave me.

Nutritional set up that adapts with the client and is flexible to their lives.

Workout plans that progress that client from where they are at the start, to where they want to be in the future.

Do I provide plans? Yes. But for just £40 you get 6 weeks of coaching from me thrown in as well. £40!!!!! I must be mad.

Same goes for my other coaching platforms.

My face to face training is not just an hours session and reflects in my clients results as well.

If you want a plan or someone to make you sweat for an hour, then I’m not for you.

If you want education, accountability and someone who gives a shit, then I may just be that person.


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