9 week online transformation

Can’t thank this person enough for the effort she has put in over the last 9 weeks

All from my online transformation package

Thank you to Emma Curran for the pictures also

Results + testimonial below

Starting Weight – 9 stone 11

End weight after 9 weeks – 8 stone 10charlotte2

When Scott first approached me about his 12 week transformation, I was at a point where I was the heaviest I have ever been. Still into going to the gym but bored of my routine and thinking that maybe it was just me that could never be lean. I’d turned into a girl who went to the gym all the time but wasn’t in shape and struggled to lose weight.

I thought about the 12 week transformation and knew that it would be difficult and that I would have to make a lot of sacrifices for it but I was ready for a challenge and to see if I could do it. Scott told me that it would really test me both mentally and physically, which it definitely did.

There were points where I questioned why I was even doing it and just wanted to give up, but Scott was always there to support me and give me that extra nudge to help me through.
Anything I was unsure about and needed guidance with, he was there to help me out, constantly checking in with me and seeing how it was going, seeing where we could increase or decrease things.

I’ve always been “fit” as such but never been super lean, which I never thought was possible for me until now.

Scott supported me on my nutrition always looking at what I’m eating and telling me when to have re-feed days, which I have never done before.

I always thought I knew best, but Scott really made me feel like I could put my trust in him and listen to what he told me to do and it actually work. I’ve never been more confident, I now have random people in the gym coming up to me telling me how good I look and how I’ve done it – It’s made me want to tell the world to use Scott to get in shape and get shredded, I can’t believe how much someone can know there stuff so much and understand the process like Scott does.

I’ve used PTs in the past but never seen the results that I have with doing this with Scott.

I literally think he is a fat loss god!

I’ve really enjoyed the process and really fallen back in love with fitness and cant thank Scott enough for letting me in on the challenge.

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