My clients vs YOU!!

If you watch me with my clients you may realise we are doing nothing different from an exercise point of view than yourself.

Watch my fat loss camps and to a degree they are no different to the classes provided by the gym.

So what’s different?

Why are my clients seeing changes?

Why is your hard work potentially not getting the rewards you hoped?

Well possibly a few things

  • STRUCTURE – The exercises are no different, but they are done under correct form and structured in the correct way to maximise the results. These are then progressed over time as the body adapts.
  • NUTRITION – The thing that gets me moist! You cannot out train a bad diet (most of the time). Get this right over the long term and see things change dramatically. This is the bit I spend ALL my time on (and you should too)
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – You have to report to me weekly, therefore you are more likely to stick to the plan.
  • EDUCATION – Whether it’s during the sessions or through my support groups, my clients are constantly getting the education they need to make small improvements weekly.
  • SUPPORT – They can contact me whenever they like about anything. The amount of time I spend on the phone annoys my wife a bit, but I’d rather help someone straight away rather than that client having to wait until they see me in a weeks time. They also know I’ve got their back when needed. Sometimes I’m the only person they have who is supporting them.
  • CONSISTENCY – They have workouts to follow. They have nutritional strategies to follow. Plug away at these consistently and everything will fall into place. Consistency will top perfection over the long term. ALWAYS!

No secret exercises

No secret diet

Just getting the basics right over a long period of time.

Mix this is in with willpower and hard work and you will be in a better place further down the line.

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