I’m not very #fitfam

Search the hashtag “fitfam” and you will get millions of pictures come up.

Half or in some cases fully naked.

Looking into space pretending to drink a protein shake.

People dislocating limbs to get the perfect angle for a selfie.

Tagging themselves in the gym at random times suggesting it makes them somehow better than someone who trains in the middle of the afternoon.

Fake nattys claiming it’s the green tea pills that added 10kg of muscle in a year to their frame, rather than the needles in their arse cheeks.

Z List (I can’t find a letter low enough) celebrities selling shit and false dreams for a pay check.

Trainers selling their soul to a supplement company so they can offer their “fans” a 10% discount code on magic beans and a free Fruit of the Loom t shirt.

Men showing the shaft of their penis in ab shots.

Females showing the skid marks in their hot pants, whilst doing some pointless “booty” exercises.

Photo shopped pictures that look nothing like the model.

Meaningless motivational quotes, often posted by people with no self motivation at all.

Lifestyle advice from a horny 19yr old who still lives with Mum and Dad.

You may have noticed I can’t stand most of this and it’s not me.

If I tag myself “at the bar” at the weekend, then I’m at a proper bar enjoying time with friends and family.

I’m ugly so I don’t bother posting airbrushed selfies for a bit of attention.

I don’t feel like I have to justify what I eat to the world. It either fits or it doesn’t and I’ll live with the consequences. (and enjoy it)

I motivate myself or search for it from my peers as I want a better life for myself and my wife. Not from a pointless quote.

I’m here to provide honest and actionable advice to the general public. Something that is sadly missing in this industry. THIS is what I put out on a daily basis for people.

I want to be the trainer who everyone can trust and rely on.

Those that will listen and take action on this will be in a better place months or years down the line.

Living a fake life for likes, off people you will never meet is not for me.



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