Stop justifying yourself!

We live in a time where obesity is sky high, yet everyone is on a diet!

Social media is full of wannabe fitness models, posing with clothes and supplements they have paid for and peoples relationships with food are in a mess.

The more information out there, the worse things are getting.

We now find ourselves in a position where normal people, with jobs and lives can’t eat a meal out or post a picture on social media without calling it a “cheat meal”,  or writing an essay explaining how they have trained all week and eaten clean for 2 months to justify it.

You are NOT a fitness model!

This life is NOT your job!

Stop comparing yourself to the perfect life these people put up on social media.

They don’t look like the pictures they post.

They don’t drive the cars they are pictured with.

Their “sponsors” couldn’t give a shit about them, and make them sell their soul for a bag of supplements that you don’t need.

IF you have a strict end date for a diet, then you have to nail your diet and training.

If training is a life long hobby (as it should be) then you need to take a step back and start enjoying it.

You should not feel guilty about going out with friends.

You should not feel guilty about meeting someone for a drink.

Setting foot in the gym should not get you worked up into a panic.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not an all or nothing approach. The “80/20” rules is thrown around a lot, but it’s a great message.

Going to the gym is not like going to war, but a place where you can forget about your day, improve yourself and be a part of your day that you ENJOY!!

If it is an obsession for you, then great.

If you want to take it to the extremes, then that’s perfectly fine.

But for the 99% of people reading this who don’t want to do that, then just know you don’t need to be like that.

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