High protein snacks

I’ve used yoghurts for years and years with clients now.

A great way of upping daily protein intake by having them as a snack or for breakfast.

I’ve also added in Quark to the list. Although a soft cheese, it can be used in a very similar way

Options include..

Adding fruit, nuts, honey etc

Adding it to smoothies

Adding it to porridge

Stirring in whey protein powder

Adding in to cooking sauces (Quark)

Now the main reason for this post and the visual is to show which brands contain the most protein per 100g and also highlight just how much you will need to eat.

Some people may go wrong by going for “Greek Style” options. As you can see they are very low on protein, meaning you would have to have an awful lot.

The other brands are pretty similar for protein (around the 10g per 100g mark), with Quark coming out the highest (12.5g)

Store brands will differ slightly and are often the cheaper option.

Another mistake clients make is not using enough. Adding a small spoonful of fruit on their porridge. Again the table highlights you would need more.

If you go for the unflavoured options, then you will see that they are very low calorie, so you can afford to have quite a bit.

As a “diet food” they are a great choice.

Low calorie

High(ish) protein

High volume

The majority of these are quite thick as well, so you may find them quite filling (another dieting plus!)

If you find the plain options a bit sour to taste then feel free to add things OR go for the pre-flavoured options. Just be aware that these will be extra calories.

Best thing to do?

Buy one of each, experiment and find what you like the most



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