Monday Motivation!

Rightly or wrongly Monday is a big day in the fitness industry.monday motivation

Diets start

New plans start

Food is all prepped (sometimes)

It’s also a day where everyone wakes up miserable because it is miles away from the weekend!!

Now I’m not going to give you the usual bullshit of making everyday count and telling you to destroy the day but I do think that hitting the ground running on a Monday is a good way to getting the week off well.

When I had a proper job I would always make a point of doing everything I could to get in the gym on a Monday, even if it was a bit of an inconvenience.

This way you get a session in under your belt and have a bit of freedom if things pop up in the week.

If you miss a Monday session just because you are feeling a bit tired and then something pops up at work on Tuesday then you are not doing anything until the Wednesday. This may leave some demotivated and I can imagine some people just not even bothering until the following Monday!!!

So if you haven’t hit the gym already today, then get things in place to get there later.

If you are a bit tired, do it anyway.

Demotivated? Do it anyway

You will thank me for it later ……I think!!

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