FREE Facebook fat loss community!!


So I have finally bitten the bullet and set up a free fat loss community for people on Facebook.

This will allow a lot more interaction than my normal Facebook page.

From my experience in using these with my 6 week shred and fat loss camp members they are invaluable in helping people reach their goals.

I have also experienced these groups from the other side this week since starting my latest nutrition course. Been part of a group of like minded people wanting to learn has given me a new lease of life this week, making me want to learn and push my business forwards.

What can you expect??

– Daily training and nutrition advice from myself
– Help and advice from myself with any questions you have (there are no limits or silly questions, ask as many as you like)
– A group of people with exactly the same goals, worries and fears as yourself. Chat amongst yourselves and help each other.

This is a no nonsense group making fat loss as simple as possible, taking away all the rubbish sales based advice away.

Simply follow the link below and request to join

Please also send the link over to any friends or family that you feel this may help

You are hopefully reading this on my new website also. Please have a good look around and I hope you like it

See you over there!!!

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