How to get perfect abs – exercises

So following on from my first blog on training the abs, I have put this together to give you some ideas on exercises to perform.

I am not saying these are the best and will guarantee “slabs” but they cover all the points made in my original post.

Between them these exercises cover every function of the abs such as spinal stability, spinal flexion and rotation.

They can all be easily progressed by simply adding weight.

Barbell Roll Outs

bb roll outs





Keep tension in the abs and glutes throughout the movement.

Do not let the hips sink in the extended position

PROGRESSION – Add more weight to the bar

Cable Woodchops






Knees and elbows unlocked

Aim for as much rotation as possible, with it all instigated from the abs. Imagine drawing a big arc in front of you with the hands.

PROGRESSION – Increase weight

Incline bench leg raises

inc bench leg raise





Keep tension in the abs by not letting them drop below parallel. Keep legs straight and raise feet up above the head. Tuck the hips up and over contracting the abs

PROGRESSION – Swiss ball between feet/Weights between feet. Raise incline of the bench

Cable crunch

cable crunch





Keeping a neutral head/neck placing and position your hands above your head where comfortable.

Without any movement from the shoulders or arms, contract the abs and perform the crunch until you find a full contraction.

Slowly come up into a fully extended position before repeating.

PROGRESSION – Heavier weight

Final tip – Remember form is key to all of this. Make sure it is the abs doing the work at all time with as little momentum as possible. Squeeze and stretch the muscle, like any other movement.

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