“I just love food too much”

I hear it ALL the time


It was my excuse for not doing a bodybuilding competition sooner.

It’s my excuse for not having abs all the time.

But you know what?

I just wasn’t ready!!!

Due to my years of training and job, I’m in half decent shape.

I just wasn’t ready to put my life on hold, to take my body to the extremes of competition diets.

I enjoy the weekends with my wife.

I enjoy a drink with the lads.

I will back myself against ANYONE at an all you can eat buffet.

That’s completely fine!!

It’s completely fine for you too.

Enjoy your training.

Enjoy your life.

THEN when you are ready to make a few sacrifices and commit that little bit more, you can approach it all with a clear head and get the full benefits without any feelings of guilt or pressure.

Do you have to make the sacrifices that I did?


All my clients still (and should) enjoy a social life, BUT I would be lying to you if you didn’t have to make a few changes to your current lifestyle.

Otherwise nobody would be overweight.


Why wouldn’t we.

But at times, you need to stop using that as an excuse and make some changes when the time is right.

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