The Great Protein Con!!

Now I love protein as much as the next trainer, BUT there is a huge misleading trend these days of throwing the word “protein” onto something and claiming it has magical powers.

Take the breakfast favourite of Weetabix as an example in the picture.

2 normal Weetabix give you a total of 4.5g.

Their “protein Weetabix” come in at a whopping 7.6g!!!!!

WOW, be careful there guys, a few boxes of them and you will be on stage at the next Mr Olympia covered in fake tan.

To give you a bit of context

1 large egg provides 8.3g of protein

1 small tub of Fage Total Greek Yoghurt 0% gives you 15.3g

A normal whey protein shake gives you around 25g per shake

When you look at it like that then it seems a bit silly eating them for their protein value.

To give you a bit more context, a person weighing 50kg and training should be consuming anything between 75g and 175g of protein PER DAY, depending on their goals and intensity levels.

If you like them, then fine. BUT make sure you get more protein throughout the day from other sources.

This also goes back to learning how to read food labels and packaging.

Knowing the difference between “per 100g”, “per serving” and “per portion” etc.

This is just one example of clever marketing and over the next few weeks I will be putting more together, to help you get through the confusion.

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