Fighting hunger on a diet

Fighting hunger on a diet can be the biggest factor in succeeding on your goals.

Can prevent cravings.

Can stop you binging.

Will allow for better training sessions etc.

Now without going down the mainly ridiculous “eat more and lose weight” road, I will explain a few ways in which you can fight the hunger AND keep losing body fat.

DO IT SLOOOOW – The smaller the calorie deficit, the slower the weight loss. Eating just enough calories to lose weight means you will be fuller than in a larger/quicker weight loss phase.


When do you feel hungry?

When do you train?

When do you need most energy?

These times are when you have your largest meal or stack a large part of your daily calories.


Eat more protein. Proven to keep you fuller for longer and still hasn’t turned any of my female clients into men!

The more lower calorie, higher volume foods you can eat the better.

Here is where veg is your best friend, with a massive plate costing you very little in the form of calories. (also has all those boring health benefits we preach about!)

This is also where you would choose leaner meat/fish sources over a fattier cut, or something like a sweet potato over white pasta.

Removing unnecessary fats from cooking oils etc are also a great way to save calories and/or replace them with more filling calories such as extra carbs or proteins.

“Sugar free” treats, diet sodas, low fat options are also an amazing way of cutting down on the calories and allowing a greater volume of food to be eaten. These can also be used to fight off sweet cravings.

EAT MORE FOOD!!! – If you are feeling weak and starving hungry then this may lead to binges or snacking which take you out of your deficit. If eating a little bit extra each day prevents this and you are still losing weight then that’s a much better option for you.

HAVE A REFEED OR “CHEAT”  – Similar to above BUT MUST BE CONTROLLED!!! 1 day or 1 meal where you eat more calories. This is NOT a free for all and you must stay within a calorie deficit over the week.

So there is a few options for you and like any diet YOU need to find what works best for YOU.

If you would like more help with this please feel free to contact me.

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