Do you struggle with breakfast???

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.breakfast

Some (me included) have it as soon as they get up.

Some can go hours without eating.

Some claim you go into starvation mode if you skip it (you don’t)

Some claim you overeat for the rest of the day if you skip it (you don’t)

As a single meal goes, I don’t think any other causes such wide spread drama.

It’s also probably the one meal clients struggle with to get right.

Short on time, busy getting the kids ready, poor education or simply just too tired!!

So what is the key to getting your breakfast correct??

It’s quite simple once you break it all down, treat it like any other meal you eat and follow some basic guidelines.

PROTEIN – Aim for a good size portion of protein (20+g)

CARB/FIBRE SOURCE – Goal dependant

FATS – Again, goal dependant and based on other meals during the day

Following these simple guidelines I will list 7 breakfast choices that can be used

B1 – Protein pancakes

B2 – 3x scrambled eggs with spinach

B3 – Porridge with Greek Yoghurt

B4 – Protein smoothie (Whey protein/fruit/spinach)

B5 – 2x poached eggs with 2x brown toast

B6 – Protein porridge (Porridge oats with flavoured whey stirred in)

B7 – Protein Yoghurt with berries and walnuts

When could you have this? It does not really matter, whenever you choose to have your first meal.

There you go. All bases covered and 7 options to set you up for the day and give your body the nutrients required to reach your goals.

NOTE: Ingredient amounts and portion sizes are all dependant to the individual and their goals

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