Would you trust a bad hairdresser??

This may seem odd coming from someone with a head like a freshly polished bowling ball, but stay with me for a few minutes!waddle

Imagine 2 hairdressers side by side.

Location A –

Run down

Terrible client pictures in the window (bit like the picture!)

No history of happy customers or talent.

Staff using shoddy tools.

Staff that have not done any further education for years, knocking out the same haircut to everyone.

Cheap rates.

Location B –

Well kept premises.

Stylish, attractive client pictures.

Evidence of happy clients and ability.

Staff that are up to date with the latest skills.

More expensive rates.

Now, who do you choose to cut your hair!?!?

I’m pretty sure you would choose location B right? Well I hope you would?

Flip this over to the PT world and peoples thought process seems to change completely.

Going with trainers with no history or evidence of results with clients similar to themselves.

Putting up with shoddy service or ability.

Getting ignored while they chat/text with other people.

Looking the same month after month, or year after year.


Sometimes it’s for the sake of saving an extra £5 per session.

Spend that little extra and you could get twice the results in half the time, imagine how much money that saves!!

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