What is your idea of diet success???

Before reading on any further just spend the next 30 seconds thinking about March 2017.success

How do you want to look?

How do you want to feel?

I can’t imagine many of you thought “absolutely shredded” or “run a marathon”

If you did think any of the above, then that’s amazing.

I imagine the large majority of you thought along the lines of,

  • Wanting to fit into a smaller dress
  • Wearing those jeans that are now too tight
  • Liking what you see in the mirror a bit more
  • Wanting to walk up stairs without getting out of breath
  • Wanting to play with your kids more
  • Wanting to go away and feel comfortable on the beach or in vest and shorts.

All these are great goals to have and you share these with the majority of my clients, across all the programmes I offer.

Don’t feel like these goals do not matter and get drawn into the belief that anything but a fitness model type physique is a failure.

As much as I enjoy seeing a client get a six pack, I get just as much pleasure, or even more coaching a client from highly overweight back down to a “normal” body fat range and the lifestyle improvements that come with that.

These clients are the ones that need me the most and feel they have tried everything with no other solutions out there.

Whatever your goal is, make sure it means something to you, then go out and smash it!!

Success awaits you

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