Do you relate to my clients???

Do you relate to any of these??fluke

  • Scared of the gym
  • Tried every diet out there
  • Bad experience with another trainer
  • Issues with food due to past diets or bad advice
  • No idea how to lift weights or structure a plan
  • Scared of PT (one client took nearly a year to sign up after the initial contact. They have now been with me over a year!)
  • Unhappy with clothes not fitting
  • Upset with what they see in the mirror
  • Feel unfit
  • Tired and lethargic at work
  • Low self-confidence
  • Lacking education
  • In need of discipline

All the above are reasons people have signed up with me over the last few years.

They are exactly like YOU.

They all have busy jobs and lives.

They all want to feel a bit better, lose a bit of weight and feel more confident. Very few of my clients want to get massive or be completely ripped (it’s fun when they do though!)

The best thing about this job apart from the visual results, is seeing a client scared to set foot in the gym training alone, following one of your plans.

Or getting a thank you text because some trousers now fit that they couldn’t get a leg in a few months ago.

Or clients that originally had no hope, full of confidence and determined to reach their goal because they now have the tools to go for it.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to change, don’t let fear hold you back.

There are a lot of good trainers out there wanting to help you. Pick one that can not only help you the right way, but also suits you and your personality.

A history of results with people like yourself should also be key in your decision making as well. Don’t just pick the first person you see because they have “Personal Trainer” in their social media bio. You could be with that person for years, it needs to be right AND ENJOYABLE…….sometimes!!!


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