Fat loss principles vs methods

Ask 100 PTs the best way to lose body fat and you will get a wide range of answers.fat-loss

Get them all in the same room and debates will go on for hours.

Get them on social media and they will be slagging each others mums off for days on end over it.

If someone tells you the best way to lose weight, they are either poorly educated (I used to do this) or have a bias based on who they follow or what they are selling based on that advice.

Now the problem is that everyone is arguing over things that don’t matter.

They are arguing over “methods” of fat loss rather than the “principle”.

The basic principle of fat loss is an energy deficit. Energy coming in through food etc needs to be less than the energy going out (exercise, general activity, work etc)

This always has and always be what fat loss comes down to.

What everyone gets worked up about, as I mentioned before are the methods of producing that energy deficit.


Low carb

High Carb


Slimming World

If it fits your macros (IIFYM)


The list can go on and on with every diet method under the sun. All work and all have their place if it suits the individual and creates that deficit.

The key to your success is finding the one that you can adhere to the best, over a long period of time.


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