Beware fitness marketing

A multi million pound industry and a minefield of what works and what doesn’t.

Here I have compared Protein Worlds Slender Blend “meal replacement shake” and a basic whey protein from Bulk Powders.

As you can see, for very similar products the slender blend has

Less pro per 100g
More carbs
More calories
Less servings
Twice the price bulk-powders

On their website they even highlight in bold NO ADDED SUGARS, yet they have over 8g compared to the wheys 1.5g.

Throw in a bit of cheap caffeine to wake you up and suppress your appetite and you have quite an expensive product.

Am I saying not to buy it? NO

If you like it and don’t mind the extra cost, then fine.

Just don’t be taken in by some flashy adverts with your favourite Z list celebrity in it.

They are not fitness experts, believe it or not!

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